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The Gofore Impact Foundation

Gofore established the Gofore Impact Foundation at the end of 2023 to promote ethical digitalisation in a more impactful way than Gofore can do with its customer work alone. The Foundation’s fist call for projects was held in early 2024.

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The purpose of Gofore’s Impact Foundation is to promote digital transformation as a means to create positive societal impact. We’re talking about human and natural well-being, democracy and equality and environmental protection, and how to combat the negative side-effects of digital transformation. We also aim to contribute to the diversity of those working with digital transformation and the overall vitality of the industry, and support science within this area.

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What we do

The Gofore Impact Foundation is a common-good foundation. To serve our purpose, we can:

  • Give out grants and financial contributions
  • Give out in kind contributions utilising Gofore’s experts
  • Practice research & development and run projects
  • Participate and impact societal discussion
  • Use any other means of operations that directly promote our purpose.
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Who can apply

Receivers of the grants can be generally benefitting communities and foundations or private individuals. The opening of the application period for grants is public here on the foundation’s website.

The Board of the foundation can also proactively search for projects to support. Using monetary grants on projects under Gofore’s management is not excluded, as long as the grant receiver is a generally benefitting community. Ideas for supported causes and projects may also come from Gofore’s own staff.

The foundation coordinates the project group and its required collaborators, communicates with the project and its participants, as well as follows the development of the project and publicly communicates about the projects and their outcomes.

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Monetary grants

Gofore’s Annual General Meeting in March 2024 has authorised the Gofore Board of Directors to decide on one or several donations to the Gofore Impact Foundation for a charitable or similar purpose up to a maximum amount of EUR 250,000. Board of Directors is also authorised to decide on the timing of the above-mentioned donation as well as on the other terms of the donation. The authorisation is valid until the end of the next Annual General Meeting (2025).

In the first years of the foundation, the grants may primarily be used to support scientific research and thesis work on a vocational or university level, and also projects that are not scientific research or thesis work but otherwise fulfill the foundation’s purpose.

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These are the statutory principles under which we operate.

Meet the Foundation's Board of Directors

Viljakaisa Aaltonen

Viljakaisa Aaltonen

Head of Design Services

Mikael Nylund

Mikael Nylund


Timur Kärki

Timur Kärki

Chairman of the Board

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